Hands-on gameplay! All class skills revealed!

Check out the newest hands-on gameplay footage, then dig into the skill trees for all six classes!

Are you ready for a hefty dose of chaotic greatness? We've got a new trailer packed to the brim with hands-on gameplay footage, plus the full reveals of the skills and abilities of the six classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands!

Watch as two Fatemakers team up for some co-op heroics along the treacherous peaks of Mount Craw. This snowy landscape is crawling with rowdy Goblins and towering Trolls who are eager to wallop any uninvited guests into smithereens. Keep your eyes peeled during this extended footage for boss fights against the fearsome Freezicles and the dragon god Vorcanar! Bear in mind that Mount Craw is a completely optional area, giving you a sense of the sheer scale of zones you can find off the beaten path in the Overworld.

We're also proud to present the biggest update yet to the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Game Guide: the full list of always-on Class Feats, iconic Action Skills, and passive Skill Tree abilities for the Brr-Zerker, Stabbomancer, Clawbringer, Spellshot, Graveborn, and Spore Warden.

You'll start your adventure by choosing a primary class, but it won't be long before you earn a secondary class slot with the Multiclass system to create a hybridized character build.

You can find the full list of skills for each class on their respective Game Guide page, but we'd like to give you a quick recap of their overall playstyle, plus some key passive skills that can really open up their power and potential. Whether you're looking to start theorycrafting that perfect build right away or just want to get a general sense for which classes you'd like to combine for maximum Multiclass might, there's a lot to dig into here.


The Brr-Zerker excels at getting up close and personal during battle, able to dish out plenty of melee pain and shrug off damage that might take other classes out of commission. Their Rage of the Ancients Class Feat encourages frequent use of your Action Skill to benefit from the Enraged effect, adding the Frost elemental damage type to your attacks.

Both of the Brr-Zerker's Action Skills let you wade into the thick of combat: Dreadwind turns you into a spinning pain tornado, while Feral Surge sees you leaping toward a target and landing with an explosion of Frost Damage.

Here are some key Brr-Zerker skills that allow you to freeze and shatter your foes:

  • Ice Breaker lets you deal increased damage to enemies who are Slowed, which just so happens to be a side effect of Frost damage. The closer your target gets to being frozen solid, the more damage you'll deal!
  • Blast Chill gives every melee attack the chance to create a Frost Nova, giving you the potential to deal tons of area damage by swinging your melee weapon like a wrecking ball during a crowded encounter.
  • Blood of the Fallen is a Kill Skill that activates whenever you slay an enemy, reducing your Action Skill Cooldown a tad for each enemy downed. Use your Action Skill, score lots of kills with the damage it deals, repeat!


Do you fancy striking your enemies from the shadows or carving them up with spectral weaponry? If so, the Stabbomancer is just the class for you. Their Dirty Fighting Class Feat is straight to the point: your Critical Hit Chance is increased, so be sure to snag items that up that chance even further.

Stabbomancers can fling out a whirling Ghost Blade that makes mincemeat of stationary targets and can be repositioned, or they can activate From the Shadows to turn invisible all stealth-like for a quick getaway or the setup of a perfect critical strike.

Consider these Stabbomancer skills to sharpen your mastery of sneaking and stabbing:

  • Follow Up creates a stacking effect that increases the damage of your next melee attack whenever your gun deals damage, so close the distance on targets for a lethal one-two punch.
  • Elusive lets you sprint at full speed and shoot at the same time, with a chance to evade incoming attacks that increases the faster you're going. You'll be a blur of death on the battlefield.
  • Executioner's Blade gives your Gun and Spell critical hits a chance to summon an Ethereal Blade that shish-kebabs your target; with enough Critical Hit Chance stacked up, you'll be skewering opponents left and right!


With their Wyvern Companion Class Feat summoning a trusty winged friend by your side, a Clawbringer never fights alone. Between your wyvern pal and the mystical hammer you wield, your enemies won't know what hit 'em.

While your wyvern roasts enemies with its flame breath, your Action Skills can turn up the heat with the fiery slam of the Cleansing Flame or zap baddies with the Lightning damage impact of a hurled hammer using Storm Dragon's Judgment.

Buff your teammates or up your damage with the Clawbringer's passive skills, including:

  • Dragon Aura grants increased elemental damage to you and any nearby allies so you can burn, shock, and freeze your foes like never before.
  • Storm Breath lets your Wyvern Companion spew forth arcs of electricity that bounce between targets, and gives you damage reduction to boot!
  • Indomitable is a huge boon to your survivability; the next time you would enter the Save Your Soul downed state, you'll instead refill your Ward and gain bonus Lightning damage. Talk about a shocking comeback!


When you want nothing more than to light up enemies with a barrage of almighty magic, look to the Spellshot. Every time they cast a spell or reload their weapon, the Spellshot gains a stack of the Spellweaving Class Feat, which increases your spell damage.

The bonus damage output from Spellweaving really starts to add up when you can consistently build up your stacks, which is even easier to manage by equipping a second spell into your Action Skill slot using Ambi-Hextrous. If dual-wielding spells isn't your thing, Polymorph can reduce fearsome monsters into harmless skeep, with the chance to cast a free spell when you or your allies shoot it out of the sky.

Sling magic that would make even the very best wizards and witches jealous with some of these Spellshot skills:

  • Magic Bullets take a portion of your bonus Spell Damage and applies it to your guns, so you can blast out tons of damaging projectiles, be they magic or lead.
  • War Caster is a Kill Skill that gives you a chance to instantly reload your weapon when you slay an enemy, with increased chance based on your Spellweaving stacks. With any luck, you'll rarely have to fish for a new clip mid firefight.
  • Sever the Thread gives your gun's critical hits a chance to instantly reset all your spell cooldowns, letting you fire off a nigh-unending onslaught of spells with the right build.


As connoisseurs of all things death and death-adjacent, being a Graveborn means a penchant for damage by way of Dark Magic. The Graveborn Class Feat summons a floating Demi-Lich Companion that'll help you get ahead, and it'll spawn a homing Hellish Blast of elemental damage whenever you cast a spell.

Both of the Graveborn's Action Skills dish out tons of Dark Magic damage. Dire Sacrifice requires that you spend some of your precious health, but in return you'll send out a blast of Dark Magic damage and apply its respective effects to nearby enemies. Meanwhile, Reaper of Bones temporarily turns you into an unkillable harbinger of death, providing bonus Dark Magic damage and Leech Efficiency with a full heal that quickly ebbs away. If you were to die while Reaper of Bones is active, you'll instead regain some health and become temporarily invulnerable!

Embrace the darkness and send your enemies to the afterlife with Graveborn skills such as:

  • Faithful Thralls gives you bonus damage for each Companion you have, providing a strong incentive to Multiclass with another Companion-based class.
  • Dread Covenant redirects some of the damage you sustain to your Demi-Lich Companion—and if you're about to croak, your Demi-Lich Companion will sacrifice itself to give you back some health. Talk about taking one for the team!
  • Lord of Edges provides increased damage dealt and damage reduction the closer you are to death's door; turn that dwindling health bar into a means for death and destruction!

Spore Warden

Fell your enemies from afar or stifle them with plumes of toxic poison as the Spore Warden. Accompanied by an adorable Mushroom Companion courtesy of their Class Feat, Spore Wardens are adept hunters who can take down their prey from any range.

The aptly named Barrage Action Skill fires a volley of seven ethereal arrows at your target, which will ricochet when they land for even more damage. And Spore Wardens are no strangers to the elements either, able to summon a Blizzard that sends out a trio of Frost cyclones to chill your enemies to the bone.

Snipe foes or sic your Mushroom Companion on them with Spore Warden skills like:

  • Spore Cloud gives your Mushroom Companion the charming ability to let one rip and create a poison cloud in the process that damages over time. Stink has never stunk like this before.
  • Called Shot provides an increasing degree of bonus gun damage and damage reduction the longer you aim down your gun's sights, letting you really get a bead on your target before the precision kill shot.
  • Play the Angles will get your shots bouncing hither and thither, as your gun's critical hits have a chance to ricochet once or sometimes even twice. That's getting the full value out of every bullet.

You'll be able to put these skills and abilities to work against the Dragon Lord and his minions yourself when Tiny Tina's Wonderlands launches on March 25. Pre-order any edition of the game before then to get your hands on the Golden Hero Armor Pack!