Spellshots are gun-toting wizards who can unleash a constant barrage of spells and bullets and transform their enemies into harmless livestock with the snap of a finger.

Whether they're slinging spells or shooting shells, Spellshots know that in the Wonderlands, an adventurer survives by force of arms and arcana. While others may view their guns as mere weapons, the Spellshot has trained rigorously until it becomes an extension of their own magical will, weaving gun and grimoire together to enhance their spells and imbue their weapons. Also, they can turn enemies into fuzzy little animals, which is just hilarious.

Class Information

Spellshots are all about combining Spells with Guns. Able to equip two Spells, their Spellweaving ability increases Spell Damage and Fire Rate as they cast spells or reload, allowing them to seamlessly cycle between different methods of dealing damage. When enemies get too rowdy, their Polymorph ability can take an enemy out of the fight by transforming them into a harmless skeep.

Class Feat


Casting a Spell or reloading a weapon grants the Spellshot a stack of Spellweaving, increasing Spell Damage. Spellweaving stacks automatically decay after a few seconds.
Casting a Repeating Spell has a chance to award additional Spellweaving stacks with each Repeating Cast.


Action Skills


The Spellshot may equip a spell into their Action Skill slot. Whenever the Spellshot presses the Action Skill Button, they cast that spell.


The Spellshot turns an enemy into a Skeep for a few seconds. If the enemy is immune, the Spellshot instantly casts a free Spell on that enemy and gains two free stacks of Spellweaving.
While Polymorph is active, any player that damages the skeep has a chance to cast a free spell. This effect is guaranteed the first time the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage. If the Spellshot casts a free spell this way, they gain a stack of Spellweaving.

Passive Skills

Tier 1

Spell Sniper
5 points max

Gain increased Spell Critical Hit Chance.

Magic Bullets
3 points max

A portion of all bonuses the Fatemaker receives to Spell Damage is applied to their guns.

5 points max

Gain increased Reload Speed.

Tier 2

Font of Mana
5 points max

Gain increased Spell Cooldown Rate. Gain increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate.

Mage Armor
1 point max

Whenever the Fatemaker gains a stack of Spellweaving they restore a portion of their Ward.

Just Warming Up
5 points max

Gain increased Fire Rate for every Spellweaving Stack.

Tier 3

Glass Cannon
1 point max

The Fatemaker's Ward no longer automatically recharges, but they gain drastically increased Spell Damage.

Tier 4

Imbued Weapon
5 points max

Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, their Guns deal Bonus Damage of that spell's element for a short time. This effect stacks once per spell.

High Thread Count
1 point max

Gain increased Max Spellweaving Stacks.

War Caster
5 points max

Kill Skill: Whenever the Fatemaker kills an enemy, there's a chance their weapon is instantly reloaded. This chance is increased per Spellweaving Stack.


Tier 5

Double Knot
3 points max

Whenever you score a Critical Hit with a Spell, deal bonus damage equal to your gun's element.

One Slot, One Kill
1 point max

Gain increased Gun Damage per Spellweaving Stack.

Tier 6

Sever the Thread
1 point max

Gun Critical Hits have a chance to instantly reset all Spell Cooldowns. This skill has a short cooldown.

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