The best part of being the Fatemaker—besides all the chaotic fantasy adventures and general badassery—is harnessing the power of two mythical classes and becoming a truly hybridized hero. When your journey begins, you'll choose a starting class, wielding the strengths and abilities of a Brr-Zerker, Clawbringer, Graveborn, Spellshot, Spore Warden, or Stabbomancer. But as you grow stronger, you'll gain access to the Multiclass system and a new secondary class slot, opening up a world of unique character builds. Each class is defined by a Class Feat, two iconic Action Skills to choose between, and a skill tree loaded with passive abilities.

Once unlocked, Class Feats are your always-on passive effects, including unique increases to damage output or having a trusty companion fighting by your side. Class Feats are equally powerful whether they belong to your primary or secondary class, with both having a huge impact on your playstyle and the stats/effects you should prioritize. If you opt for a Multiclass combination of two companion classes—Clawbringer, Graveborn, or Spore Warden—both of your adorable, attack-ready companions will always be fighting by your side. The more the merrier!

Your chosen classes' Action Skills have the biggest impact on your moment-to-moment gameplay, with splashy effects that can instantly turn the tide of a battle and give you the upper hand. Action Skills have a relatively short cooldown, letting you unleash their might multiple times during most fights, but not so short that you'll be spamming them constantly. You can only equip one Action Skill at a time, though you'll have a total of four to choose from between your two Multiclass selections. 

Finally, each class' skill tree is where you'll get a comprehensive view of your progress and ever-increasing power over time. With each level you gain, you'll have an extra Skill Point to spend in either one of your trees—and you'll need to pick and choose carefully where to allocate them, as it's impossible to fill up every ability across both of your skill trees (because, y'know, balance). As you invest more points into a skill tree, you'll unlock more sections, with stronger effects at your disposal as you further commit to a given class. If you decide that you want to rearrange your skill points, you can do so for a reasonable sum of in-game gold at any Quick Change station.

Consider your primary and secondary class selections carefully, as they'll have a huge impact on the many ways your Fatemaker can stylishly vanquish evil. Once you've completed the main story campaign, you'll unlock the option to switch your secondary class should you so choose—but your primary class is forever. If you want to wield the power of all possible Multiclass combinations, get ready to roll some alternate characters!