Character Creation

What good is saving the Wonderlands if you can't do it with style? The Character Creation system not only lets you tailor your playstyle, but how you look, too.

You start off by choosing which of the classes will be your starting class, setting the stage for your base playstyle and skills. This primary class choice is the sole aspect of your character that you can't change later (though you can always reroll a new character), so think ahead to how you might want to Multiclass later.

Next it's time to pick your nose (and face, hair, accessories, and more)!

Your Fatemaker's appearance has no impact on your build—taller characters aren't stronger, and asymmetrical eyes have no bearing on your ability to shoot straight. But what the many aesthetic options do give you is that hard-to-replace, impossible-to-quantify, je ne sais quoi that makes your Fatemaker stand out from the crowd. Everything from individual eyes and ears to facial hair and eyelashes can be adjusted to suit your style, along with facial tattoos and makeup.

If you really want to push the limits, you can engage the Slider Overdrive option, disabling the limitations placed by nature to get extra chaotic! This effectively makes the sliders that determine the size, position, and angle of certain physical features more exaggerated so that you're no longer constrained by realism. If you want to go wild when creating your character, Slider Overdrive will be your best friend.

Another essential choice when creating your Fatemaker is their personality. Think of this as the general attitude with which you approach adventure, and how you want your Fatemaker to quip during dialogue and battle alike, be they Gallant, Clever, Gruff, or Strange. Each personality has two voice options to choose from, and you can adjust their pitch to suit your preferences.

The possibilities are plentiful to say the least, and that's before you've even given a thought to which Armor Pattern and colors you'd like to use. As you play, you'll continue to unlock new looks to try, as customizations can drop as loot. If you want some additional starting Armor options at your disposal when Tiny Tina's Wonderlands launches on March 25, you can snag the Golden Hero Armor Pack preorder bonus and the Town Crier Pack.

Once your class and starting look are locked in, you can further tailor your build by tinkering with your starting stats. There are six basic attributes you can influence during character creation, listed below along with their gameplay effects:

  • Strength - Critical Hit Damage
  • Dexterity - Base Critical Hit Chance
  • Intelligence - Spell Cooldown Rate
  • Wisdom - Status Effect Damage
  • Constitution - Maximum Health/Ward
  • Attunement - Action Skill Cooldown Rate

It's time to choose a dramatic backstory for your Fatemaker! Were they Raised by Elves? Or perhaps they were the Village Idiot? Your backstory will give you a starting place to mold your character's stat attributes. Afterwards, you can apply an additional 10 Hero Points anywhere you wish!

Note that 10 Hero Points in any stat is the baseline where you won't see a positive or negative impact to the corresponding effect. If you only have 8 Intelligence points, for example, falling short of the 10-point baseline means your spells will take longer to recharge.

If, later down the line, you decide that you want to completely change up your look, voice, Hero Point stats, or Skill Point distribution, you can do so! Just remember that your primary class choice is set in stone. All you need to do is simply visit one of the Quick Change stations that can be found dotting the world!

These Quick Change stations also have options to set your in-game emotes and customize your Fatemaker's banner and statues—both of which you'll see changing in the environments around you. Over the course of your adventure, your collection of cosmetics is sure to grow as you conquer different types of enemies, so feel free to get in there and freshen up your Armor Patterns, banner, statues, and emotes every so often.

If you'd like to experiment with all the possible class combinations (and hot looks), it's your chance to take the character creation process from the top and enjoy the wonderful world of rolling alts!