Feast your eyes on the Overworld, Tina's painstakingly crafted representation of the Wonderlands in tabletop form! Bask in the beauty of those rolling hills, majestic mountains, individually painted trees, and tiny breakable crates. Nevermind any half-eaten cheese puffs, exposed bits of styrofoam, or willy-nilly pushpins—those are all crucial to the structural integrity of the game board. They're not improvised materials, they're immersion!

The Overworld is an expansive map that connects the many hotspots of the Wonderlands. When you're not engaged in first-person combat or exploring new areas up close, you'll get a third-person, bird's-eye-view of the land in the Overworld, complete with your Fatemaker looking like the coolest bobblehead there ever was. Handle with care, as there's no telling what Tina will do if you break one of her oh-so-precious miniatures.

If you dare to venture off the beaten path in the Overworld, you can find all kinds of goodies, including extra chests full of gold, hidden collectibles like Lucky Dice and pieces of buff-granting Shrines, and even entirely optional areas with their own questlines. But watch out, because you might catch the attention of an enemy itching for a random encounter! If you're not in the mood to fight, you can simply run away or punch out your attacker before they reach you, but there's loot to be had if you bravely choose to fight the random encounter head-on.