When it comes to questing, the more the merrier! Your Party of Heroes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands can have up to four Fatemakers uniting to save the queendom. Of course, Tina wants to ensure you face a reasonable challenge regardless of party size, so the more players there are in your group, the tougher your foes will be.

Jumping into multiplayer is a cinch, whether that's via online play or local splitscreen, with two-player splitscreen supported on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, and four-player splitscreen supported on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S.

When jumping into the creation of a new Fatemaker, you'll have a choice between two options that determine how loot drops and enemy scaling are handled during multiplayer. If you choose Cooperation, each player will see their own instanced loot drops, guaranteeing that you'll get a personal reward for every encounter and that your teammates can't 'accidentally' steal your stuff. Cooperation is also great when you want to play with others no matter their experience level, as enemies and the gear they drop will scale to each individual Fatemaker's character level.

On the flipside, Coopetition means that everyone sees the same loot drops, so you'll either have to split the spoils fairly or be quicker than your grab-happy allies in order to snatch the best loot. Enemies will also scale to the level of the host player, so allies who are underleveled by comparison will have a hard time trying to survive, while overleveled players may grow weary of easily crushing adversaries.

Cooperation is ideal for groups that want a more harmonious, collaborative experience where everyone's loadouts can improve at a fairly steady rate, while Coopetition is perfect for loot fiends who love the rush of scrambling to grab the best gear drops for themselves and maaaaaybe divvying it all up later. Whichever option you choose, your decision isn't locked—you can easily switch between Cooperation and Coopetition via the Multiplayer settings in the Main Menu.