Melee Combat

Sometimes, enemies will rush right at you before your guns and spells can get the job done. Or perhaps you just feel the need to get directly in your enemy's grill for some good old-fashioned stabbing, or slicing, or bashing, or walloping, or—you get the idea. You always have room for a dedicated melee weapon in your inventory, and though you likely won't be swinging your close-quarters armaments around as your primary source of damage, melee attacks can be extremely useful in a pinch.

Whenever you whack most targets with a melee attack, they'll stagger backwards, giving you a chance to get your bearings, load up that next clip, and get back into the action. If you try to melee an enemy that's just outside striking distance, you'll perform a heroic leap-glide to them ensuring that your swing connects rather than whiffs. And if you ever want to just let loose for a few swings, you can tap the melee button repeatedly for a continuous sequence of slashes.

Melee damage is meant to complement your firearms and spells, not replace them. As you collect more powerful melee gear, you'll find weapons that provide various benefits after you connect with a melee attack, such as reduced cooldowns or refunded ammo for your gun. If you find the right melee weapons and effects that synergize with your greatest strengths, strategic melee attacks can be the key to maximizing your build's full potential.