The Blightcaller stirs elemental storms and souls lost to the putrid waters of swamp and bog—only the Blightcaller may grant them frenzied reprieve, rousing their spirits with mystical totems to swarm their foes with elemental fury. The Blightcaller can also call forth a miasmatic storm to choke and char their enemies with poison clouds and bolts of elemental energy. At the crossroads of life and death, rot and bloom, the Blightcaller thrives.

Class Information

Blightcallers are great at synergizing with all types of elemental damage, though Poison is their specialty. They can recharge their Ward by slaying their foes, allowing them to stay in the fight while enemies succumb to damage over time from their Spirit Swarm and Bog Totem companions. Of course, when time is of the essence, they can make short work of any enemies caught out in their Plaguestorm.

This class is part of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Shattering Spectreglass, which can be purchased individually or as part of the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Season Pass (a copy of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is also required to play).

Class Feat

Whisper of Rot

Applying a Status Effect increases Elemental Damage for a duration. This effect can stack.


Action Skills


The Fatemaker summons a Plaguestorm at target location, dealing Poison Status Effect Damage over time in an area.
Whenever the Fatemaker deals Non-Ability Damage a percentage of it is stored. The Plaguestorm periodically creates Elemental Bolts targeting a random number of enemies underneath it, dealing Ability Damage of a random Elemental Damage Type equal to the damage stored split among all targets, and clearing all stored damage. Elemental Bolts cannot apply Status Effects.

Bog Totem

Summon a Bog Totem Companion at target location, which periodically creates Elemental Spirits that seek out nearby enemies dealing Ability Damage and exploding on impact. Elemental Damage type is based on the Fatemaker's currently equipped Gun when activated.
Whenever the Fatemaker kills an enemy while Bog Totem is active, its Duration is partially restored. Bog Totem has multiple charges, and Pinging an enemy will cause your Bog Totem to target them.

Passive Skills

Tier 1

5 points max

Status Effect Application Chance is increased.
Status Effect Duration is increased.

Geist in the Shell
5 points max

Gun Critical Hits have a chance to create a homing Poison Bog Spirit that seeks out nearby enemies dealing Poison Ability Damage and exploding on impact.

3 points max

Kill Skill: Restore a percentage of your Ward.

Tier 2

Hex Machina
3 points max

Fire Rate is increased.
When the Fatemaker swaps their current Gun, double this bonus for a duration.

Active Decay
5 points max

Increased Poison Damage.

Flawless Edge
5 points max

Gain increased Damage Dealt based on how full your Ward is. The fuller your Ward the greater the bonus.

Tier 3

Worse Curse
3 points max

Applying a Dark Magic Status Effect increases your Spell Damage and Ability Damage for a duration.
This effect can stack.

Bog Down
1 point max

Dealing Non-Status Effect Poison Damage has a chance to create a Water Nova, Soaking all nearby enemies. Soaked enemies take more damage from Lightning and Frost, but less damage from Fire.
This ability has a short cooldown.

Amped Up
3 points max

Applying a Lightning Status Effect increases your Movement Speed and causes the Fatemaker to regenerate a percentage of their Ward per second for a duration.
This effect can stack.

Tier 4

Frost Bite
3 points max

Applying a Frost Status Effect increases your Melee Damage and Critical Hit Chance for a duration.
This effect can stack.

Burnt Offering
3 points max

Applying a Fire Status Effect increases your Gun Damage and Spell Cooldown Rate for a duration.
This effect can stack.

Tier 5

3 points max

Applying a Poison Status Effect increases your Critical Hit Damage, Companion Damage, and Action Skill Cooldown Rate for a duration.
This effect can stack.

Restore the Veil
1 point max

Life Leech from Dark Magic now restores Ward instead.
Maximum Ward is increased.
Maximum Health is decreased.

Tier 6

Spirit Swarm
1 point max

Applying a Status Effect creates a Spirit Swarm Companion that will seek out and damage nearby enemies, dealing Status Effect Damage of the applied Status Effect's Damage type. 
While Spirit Swarm is active, its duration is partially restored after applying a Status Effect. Applying a stronger Status Effect fully refreshes its duration, and updates the Spirit Swarm's Damage Dealt and Damage type based on the applied Status Effect.
Pinging an enemy will redirect the Spirit Swarm.

Full Art