Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Quick Tips

As you embark on your adventure across the Wonderlands, make sure to remember these quick tips!

Take heed, Fatemaker! As you journey through the Wonderlands on your quest to defeat the Dragon Lord, there are a few basic concepts to remember in between all the shooting, looting, slashing, and casting. To help you realize your full potential as the Fatemaker, here are five quick, spoiler-free tips that are perfect for beginners and experienced adventurers alike. For more info and helpful guidance, be sure to check out the many entries of the Game Guide and the developer advice in Dev Diary #6 - Travel Tips for the Wonderlands!

  1. Take a moment to consider your Primary class choice

The Multiclass system is the core of customizing your playstyle in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, letting you combine the power of two classes via your Primary and Secondary choices (with the latter being unlocked at level 13). Though every class can harness mighty powers befitting your status as the Fatemaker, some have Class Feats, Action Skills, and passive abilities that can take your guns, spells, or melee weapons to new heights of destructive force or utility. It's worth giving some thought to which class will best complement your preferences, because once you pick a Primary class, it's set in stone. That said, you'll unlock the ability to change your Secondary class once you complete the main campaign!

  1. Don't forget to spend your Hero Points

Each time you level up, it's a thrill to open up your passive skill tree and spend your newly awarded Skill Point to strengthen one of your abilities or unlock a new boon. But the Hero Points you get for leveling up are equally important, so make sure they don't sit unattended in the Skills tab of your menu! Spending Hero Points on the six basic attributes of Character Creation—Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, and Attunement—will provide meaningful increases to your damage and survivability over time, so boost those stats whenever you get the chance.

  1. You can Fast Travel from anywhere

The Wonderlands are chockablock with magic, so it's well within the realm of reason that you can teleport around its chaotic fantasy landscape whenever you so choose. Any time you open up the Map, you'll have the option to Fast Travel to any previously discovered Travel Station at will, whether that's in the same zone or another area of the World Map entirely. It's a huge time-saver when you want to get from point A to point B in a hurry or go turn in a grip of completed quests. You're more than welcome to take the scenic route and hoof it everywhere you go, but Fast Travel sure is quicker!

  1. Use the proper damage type to take down tough enemies

Tina wants to ensure that you face a decent challenge on your quest to save the Wonderlands, so she'll put some beefy Badass enemies in your way from time to time. To make short work of Badass opponents—or any other tough enemies, for that matter—be mindful of the elemental damage type that works best against them. The key is to look at the color of your enemy's health bar: Fire roasts Flesh (red health bars), Lightning electrifies Wards (blue), Poison deteriorates Armor (yellow), and Frost freezes Bone (white). If you see the word "RESIST" popping up when you hit your target, you should switch away from that damage type to something more effective.

  1. Explore the Overworld for extra rewards

The meticulously crafted Overworld is Tina's pride and joy, letting you take in the full majesty of the Wonderlands in tabletop form. It's also ripe for exploring with your adorable Fatemaker miniature, as there are plenty of hidden bonuses and optional objectives awaiting you off the beaten path. Be sure to punch errant chests for extra gold, snag collectibles like Lucky Dice, and seek out Shrines that provide always-on buffs after you've restored them to their former glory. You might even find an entirely optional zone like the Tangledrift or the Goblin-infested peaks of Mount Craw, complete with their own unique questlines!

With these tips bouncing around inside your noggin, you'll be well on your way to heroically saving the queendom and collecting tons of valuable loot along the way. Now get out there and show the Wonderlands how chaotic great you are!