Spells are just as important to your damage output as guns and melee weapons. With reasonably short cooldowns, you can consistently light up your foes with some razzle-dazzle and alaka-BLAM!

Spells come in many forms, but there are ten basic types: fireballs, elemental hawks, summoned hydras, ice spikes, magic missiles, lightning blasts, elemental eruptions, fissures, meteors, and circles of protection.

Each type of spell has variations for its effects or damage-dealing function, so it's worth experimenting with a wide range of spells to see which ones best fit your build.

The methods for casting are often determined by their manufacturer, with four houses supplying the Wonderlands with a steady stream of scrolls and spellbooks:


Fire and forget with the simple casting of Conjura! These are your most basic variety of spell—just point, cast, and watch the destruction unfold.


Store up your mystic energies then release them in a focused blast with Arken spells. The longer you hold before casting, the more powerful the effect will be!


Channel your magical might into a steady stream of sorcery with Wyrdweaver. By pressing and holding the cast button, you can continuously unleash projectiles or beams until nothing is left standing in your way.


Surround yourself with the arcane via the self-casting spells of Miraculum. These spells activate at close range, and include explosive elemental fissures that obliterates nearby baddies and circles of protection that can shield you and your allies.