Rings & Amulets

If you're planning to take down the Dragon Lord, you should do it in style—and what better way to complete your loadout than with some power-imbued accessories? Rings and Amulets are essential pieces of jewelry in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, as they enhance your Fatemaker's build with a variety of impactful effects, buffs, and stat increases. 

Once you've unlocked their slots during your quest, your Fatemaker will have room to equip two Rings and one Amulet (anything more would just be gaudy). Like all the other loot in the Wonderlands, Rings and Amulets come in a ridiculously wide variety of forms and functions, though they've all been lovingly hand-crafted by the Vatu manufacturer.

Rings typically provide flat boosts to your loadout, like increases to Action Skill duration, damage or magazine size for a given gun type, Companion damage, and so on. Amulets are more likely to grant special effects, like a chance to instantly reload your equipped gun's ammo after a melee hit. They can also increase things like Class Power and damage, whether that's all your damage across the board or more specific avenues like gun or status effect damage.