Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Notes: Version

An archive of change notes for a previous version of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands!


The changes included in this update will be live on all platforms by 9:30 AM PT on June 9, 2022. To confirm that you have the most recent hotfix, check the News screen in-game on the Main Menu or Pause Menu for the article with the version number listed above. If you don't see the article in the News section after the update is live or the previous version number, please Exit the Game and relaunch. Please submit bug reports and feedback to support.2k.com.

Weekly Rotations:

Weekly Event! The Blinged-Out Badasses in-game, limited-time mini-event is still live! This mini-event runs from June 2 to June 16 at 9:00 AM PT.

  • More cosmetics drop from Badass enemies. Note: This does not prevent other drops from occurring
  • Temporarily reduced the base cost of making a Chaos Chamber elite
  • Cosmetics sell for 50% more!
  • AND Badasses are now dropping more cosmetics from other loot pools!

The Chaos Chamber’s Featured Run has been updated! The Leaderboard has been reset. Will you top the charts this week?

Featured Runs are available in the Chaos Chamber after you've completed the main story, and rotate weekly every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. They're the same for all players, so jump in and see how your run went compared to other Fatemakers!

  • This run features Le Chance and Master Tonhammer. Get ready to take on a new featured run in the Chaos Chamber!

Have you checked out the goodies for sale in the Vending Machines for the Chaos Chamber’s Loot Room? They switch out their merchandise every week!

Change Notes:

Weapon Balance:

We found that weapons that spawned elemental puddles were using the incorrect source for the damage they were doing. These puddles were doing unmodified base damage from the weapons, rather than the damage from the actual item card. This attributed to some unintended damage amounts for various weapons, including Envy. We have identified a bug where Oil n Spice does not deal damage with its splat and will be addressing this in a future update.

  • Changed Weapon Elemental Puddle damage to be based on item card damage
  • Increased Carrouser’s damage scaling by 16.7%
  • Increase Envy’s damage scaling by 21.4%
  • Increased Envy’s Status Effect Chance by 100%
  • Increased Tootherator's damage scaling by 28.5%
  • Decreased the amount of ammo consumed by Portable Sawmill by 1 and reduced the damage scaling by ~66.3% to compensate. The goal was to keep the DPS similar but allow higher total damage to the target due to Sniper Rifle ammo constraints.
  • Increased Skeep Prod's damage scaling by 25%
  • Increased Skeep Prod's beam damage scaling by 60%
  • Addressed an issue with Skeep Prod that was causing the beams to deal less damage while using the Semi-Auto weapon mode.
  • Increased Kao Khan's damage scaling by 62.5%